Farmer Voice Radio

At a macro-level, linking existing systems (extension and radio) together in a sustainable way requires buy-in from local actors. It also requires hands-on support and guidance in the field

Therefore, FVR established a consortium of local partners who each receive benefits from, and contribute sustainable support to, radio-based extension. For example, the Ministry of Agriculture (or alternative extension service provider) allocates some of their field extension officers’ time to FVR. In return, they benefit from reaching more farmers via radio

Radio Stations allocate prime air time for FVR programming, and benefit from better programming and increasing their listenership in rural communities

At a micro-level, creating effective agricultural extension programming requires a working partnership between broadcasters and extension officers. Therefore, FVR set up production teams (extension officers and broadcasters), that work together to create systematic agricultural extension programming based on the principles of behaviour change communication

FVR also requires buy-in from farmers in the field. If they are not listening and do not feel involved, they will not listen and act. Therefore, FVR ,

Gives farmers sufficient information on the topics they want to hear to achieve IMPACT
Listens to farmer FEEDBACK

Here are some of their Voices.