During a meeting with the County Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, William Lokiran. He expressed gratitude for KiMI and the SFSA’s work in building the capacity of the radio station staff to disseminate agricultural information to the local farmers.  An avid listener of the programmes, he said when he needed clarification from the station he called in for more information. He gave the example of a farmers’competition he heard about on Kalya FM and he was able to get more information from the radio staff when he called in.

The minister acknowledged the power of radio as an information dissemination tool and the impact this had on the local farmers to improve their agronomic practices.  He requested the programme producer to consider airing farmer barazas (public meetings) that involve actual physical visits with the farmers, and airing the recordings of these sessions.

The minister promised more logistical support for his officers participating on the programmes.