Station: Kalya Radio
Presenter: Carolyne Mwok,
Agriculture Programmes 
Kayla Radio, West Pokot County

Kalya Radio in West Pokot County started airing programmes about agriculture and livestock in partnership with Kilimo Media International and Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture about six months ago.  Since then, there has been phenomenal feedback from listeners.  This is a source of great encouragement and pride for the production team.

The initial feedback was from Mr. Peter Kodwaran at the County Department of Agriculture. Following a programme we carried on tissue culture banana farming, the County experienced a major boost in the sale of banana seedlings. This is proof that the programme has major impact on our listeners. Peter has been instrumental in helping us produce programmes on farming and livestock issues that listeners want to hear. Better still, listeners tell us that they are happy that the programmes are in a language they understand very well, with information that they can easily put to practice.

Secondly, during a visit to Cheptuya village, I met a listener who was quick to point out that she had learned a lot from the programmes being aired, and especially one we did on poultry farming. She narrated to me how she had almost given up on poultry farming due to the frequent diseases that led to the death of a good number of the chicken she kept. She realized that she was making major mistakes with wrong housing and not providing the chicken she kept with the right feed. For example she confessed that before she listened to the programme she had not known that chicken needed proteins in their diet! She has since started rearing chicken following the steps learned on radio.

This kind of feedback means that the programmes on agriculture have a positive impact. It also means that our listeners yearn for more and that Kalya Radio should continue broadcasting programmes with information on farming and livestock keeping. We have had numerous responses from listeners who say; “I didn’t know this or that”, and this is motivation for me as a radio presenter to do more. It is very encouraging for me to know that the work I am doing on radio is helping to make the lives of our listeners better.

This initiative is vital in not only helping our listeners earn an income but also contributing to higher yields in farming and livestock rearing.