Adapting the Radio for Agricultural Extension to Smallholder Farmers

Kilimo Media International (KiMI) is a farmer centered, media based agricultural advisory service provider whose aim is to make agricultural information available to small holder farmers using the media and other ICTs.
KiMI has a pool of professional radio and agricultural experts who provide their skills in the development of radio programmes that are relevant to farmers in specific regions.
Our Core Areas

Content Development

We work with radio stations to develop and disseminate agricultural content that responds to specific concerns of defined communities...
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Capacity Building

We build the capacity of the staff at the community and regional radio stations to understand, identify and package programmes...
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Agriculture Extension through Radio

At KiMI we specialize in adapting the radio for agricultural extension to smallholder farmers, to disseminate timely and ...
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Why Radio for Agricultural Extension?
At Kilimo Media International (KiMI), we understand the potential of radio to address some of the many challenges faced in delivering effective agricultural extension services to smallholder farmers. We believe that for radio to become a truly effective tool to capture the farmer’s voice and deliver innovative agricultural extension, it must evolve beyond entertainment and…
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What Farmers Say About Us

Our results are the best proof that our methodologies work. But we’ve also received numerous awards and praise from the media and our peers.